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Moving on without a web presence in 2019 is a crime. If you face the task of powering an e-store this summer, you’ve got to rely on the best tools that are available. Among them, fashion Shopify themes really stand out thanks to their quality and comprehensiveness.

Why Shopify Is Just The Right Choice For You

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce engines this year. No doubt, there are multiple draws to it that make this e-commerce engine the best option for many:

  • Firstly, with Shopify, you don’t have to bother searching for the right hosting for your store. So, once you go for Shopify subscription, your store will be placed on the best servers by the expert Shopify team.
  • Secondly, Shopify store management is well-documented and supported 24/7 by the in-house team.
  • Moreover, Shopify delivers you great SEO and conversion optimization options.
  • Also, Shopify comes with a rich extension store, with thousands of extensions that boost your store’s UI and UX.

Why You Need A Shopify Template

If you want to take all this greatness to the next level, you can jump-start your e-store creation project with a top Shopify theme. You’ll not only get a ready-made, conversion-optimized design, but also a WYSIWYG builder, multiple pre-built extensions and UI elements, as well as a worry-free set of sample store pages.

So, are you ready to see the best Shopify themes for this year? Get ready for an enticing journey, as our review of 25 astonishing themes comes right below!

Apparelix – Brand-New Stylish Shopify Theme

25 Prettiest Shopify themes

Details | Demo

When it comes to different fashion-related topics, you should choose something special. Fortunately, there is a brand-new stylish variant you can always turn to. This engaging variant is suitable for promoting your assortment of clothes, accessories, and shoes. The package will provide you with several homepage variations and product page layouts. In addition to this, you can take advantage of the visual builder that does not require any coding skills from you. There are also many extra tools you will be happy with. Main Features:

  • mega-menu;
  • slideshow;
  • Ajax shopping cart;
  • product labels;
  • quick view functionality.

m.a.l.l. – Apparel Store Shopify Theme


Details Demo

If you’re after running a sound clothing or accessories e-shop, you’ll hardly find a better matching theme than m.a.l.l. This minimalist template is built with clear-cut blocks and high-contrast black-n-white color scheme. Moreover, the template is enhanced with Parallax scrolling effect and top-notch slider. On top of this, the m.a.l.l. template supports incorporating a number of languages and currencies into your store’s interface. Other theme’s features include:

  • full responsiveness;
  • powerful social options;
  • Ajax Cart;
  • Sorting options;
  • Collections Catalog, etc.

SuitUP – Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Template

SuitUP | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

SuitUP is a cross-browser compatible and well-documented Shopify template. It features easy-to-complete installation, intuitive management, and extended product sorting options. Moreover, this theme brings you an astonishing set of seven ready-to-use e-stores that meet the specifics of different niches. Therefore, inside the SuitUP template, you’ll find ready-made designs for clothing, electronics, wheels&tires, spare parts, bags, furniture, and food stores. Also, with the theme, you can create your store’s look in a few clicks thanks to Theme Color Switcher, multiple listing layouts and styling options. Other features:

  • Homepage with ready sections;
  • Custom Content blocks;
  • Instagram feed block;
  • Lookbook section;
  • Logolist;
  • Countdown banners

Tronex -Home Appliances Multipurpose Shopify Website

Tronex | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

This clean and high-contrast template is ideal for an innovative home appliances store that stays on the edge of new technologies. Firstly, simple to install and manage, Tronex is a multipurpose e-store solution with the well-structured home page and responsive design. Moreover, the template comes with a number of prebuilt pages, drag-n-drop sections, unlimited product filtering, and powerful MegaMenu. Other features:

  • Auto currency switcher;
  • 3 ready-made home pages;
  • Unlimited product filters;
  • Ajax Autocomplete Search;
  • Ajax Cart Drawer, etc.

Meeow – Cute Pet Shop Shopify Design

Meeow Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

This theme has one of the cutes designs for this year. Ultimately minimalist and engaging, it has an upbeat and fresh feel to it, enhanced with a top-grade slider and rich Parallax options. What’s more, the template has the clean, valid and well-structured code. Also, it meets the SEO-guidelines of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Other features:

  • Add To Wishlist;
  • Multi-tier MegaMenu;
  • Supreme blog functionality;
  • Immersive social integration;
  • Brands block, etc.

Body Builder – Sport Nutrition Shopify E-store

Body Builder Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Body Builder is a sleek and clean template that nails it down with unconditional geometric dividers and stunning homepage banners. First of all, Visually rich and Retina-ready, this template gives you complete layout control and a number of ready-to-use page samples. Moreover, Body Builder theme lets you work with Homepage sections to add content of different types and craft an idiosyncratic look of your store’s homepage. Other features:

  • Shopify Visual Builder;
  • Product Quick View;
  • Extended sorting options;
  • Theme Color Switcher;Product Carousel, etc.

Nokshi – Handmade & Craft eCommerce Shopify Theme

Nokshi Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

If you’re looking for a great template to spice up your jewelry/handmade online store, go for Nikshi template that has an ultimately pleasing rosy color palette. Fortunately, this visually tempered and minimalist theme was crafted with care to provide for first-class productivity, full-blown responsiveness, and sparkling website functionality. Moreover, you have a chance to showcase your best offers using a stylish hero product block that immediately captures site guests’ attention. On top of this, welcome other features:

  • 4+ Unique Header Styles;
  • Select + Color Swatch Option;
  • Google Fonts & Themify Icon Font;
  • Product Zoom with popup;
  • Product Badges/Stickers, etc.

Tmart – Minimalist Multipurpose Shopify Template

Tmart Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Are you eager to build a minimalist and highly usable online store/market? Ideal to the pith, this clean and balanced Shopify theme brings all that is needed for a perfect apparel store. Firstly, it has a handy left-side Category Menu. Moreover, this template features a number of diverse product presentations types, e.g. Featured Product, Product with Carousel, Product with Masonry, Related Product, Quick View Product, etc. Other features:

  • 11 Home versions;
  • Notification Bar;
  • 8+ Unique sliders;
  • Disqus comment integration;
  • 15+ Preloader styles, etc.

Shopy – Apparel & Fashion Shopify Website

Shopy Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Do you want to spread style and fashion around the globe? This dream won’t be too ambitious with this brilliantly executed apparel and fashion theme. On top of having all-encompassing e-store functionality, the Shopy theme has a full-blown Blog section. For example, this section allows you to boost your SEO with frequent website updates and attract more information-hungry visitors. Other features:

  • 13+ Pre-made Layouts;
  • 9 Pre-made Listing Page Variations;
  • Trendsetting Gallery layouts;
  • Slider Revolution;
  • Instagram Shop functionality;
  • Google Rich Snippets;
  • Accomplished RTL support, etc.

Stuff – Furniture Responsive Shopify E-shop

Stuff Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Stuff template has a supreme 2018-inspired design with a neat portion of premium feel and minimalist design. To begin with, clean and upbeat, this template opens with a full-width slider that is followed by a creative banner grid showcasing your best offers and items on sale. Stuff theme is built showcasing a clear and fully responsive Bootstrap 3 Grid. Moreover, the template boasts of not just one, but 3 creative sliders for an impressive presentation of furniture items and sets. Other features:

  • Product and Collection Sorting;
  • Breadcrumb Banner;
  • Newsletter Popup;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Shipping Calculator;
  • Google Fonts & Material Icon Font, etc.

Lilac Odor – Perfume Store Shopify Design

Lilac Odor Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

One of the most atmospheric and best-looking templates of 2018, the Lilac Odor theme has an accomplished, embracing design. With the template, you get an unleashed freedom of changing layouts thanks to Shopify sections. Moreover, a number of layouts come prebuilt with the theme, so that you can craft a unique look of your store within minutes. Other template features:

  • Parallax effect;
  • Multilingual and multicurrency;
  • Ajax Cart Drawer;
  • Ajax Search Form;
  • PSD included;
  • Theme Color Switcher, etc.

KarDone – Auto Parts Responsive Shopify Theme

KarDone Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

This maintenance services and spare parts template was designed using classic colors and minimalist backgrounds. Navigating your website will be a real piece of cake thanks to MegaMenu used in the template. Moreover, your website will be user-friendly even for those, who want to shop for a spare part on the go, as the KarDone template is fully responsive and adapts to different screen resolutions on the fly. Other features:

  • multilingual and multicurrency;
  • 3 Ready-to-use Stores;
  • valid, well-commented coding;
  • prolific sorting options;
  • product Quick View, etc.

WDress – Sophisticated Wedding Dress Online Shop Shopify Design

WDress Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

This fresh and innocent template brings you a feature-rich Homepage and filterable Product Catalogue. On top of this, you can use Shopify Sections to enrich your content display. The template comes with Bootstrap 4 responsive grid system, the columns of which re-arrange depending on the screen size. Moreover, the WDress theme incorporates all the necessary trust signals, such as your store’s full contact details, Google maps, Customer reviews and ratings, Blog section, etc. Other features:

  • Comprehensive video integration;
  • First-rate social options;
  • Collections Catalog;
  • MegaMenu;
  • Password Page, etc.

Soundking – Electronics Online Shopify E-store

Soundking Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

The eye-pleasing, high-contrast color palette of this template creates a modern space for favorable presentation of your new electronic products. The theme winningly reflects upon the latest web design trends, boosting UX on the website with Customizable Homepage Sections and rich filtering/product sorting options. What’s more, the Collections feature provides for increased impact of the way you present products on your website. Other features:

  • Shopify Visual Builder;
  • Add to Wishlist;
  • Brands section;
  • Theme Color Switcher;
  • Product Carousel blocks, etc.

Diventis – Diving Equipment Online Store Shopify Template

Diventis Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Diventis a multi-currency, fully responsive template with an impressive video background functionality. First of all, full-width Parallax-enhanced sections mingle with mosaic banner grids for a truly immersive experience. To promote your selected items, the template incorporates multi-color product badges and upcale features. Moreover, Diventis is ideal to build a Diving equipment store as it is 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible, SEO- and conversion-optimized. Other features:

  • Shopify Visual Builder;
  • Lookbook sections;
  • Collections blocks and tabs;
  • Scrapbook section;
  • Discount Countdown, etc.

Ezone – Multipurpose Shopify Design

Ezone Them | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Can you imagine a template with 11 different ready-made homepages on board? Ezone is just such a template, featuring 11 designs for different industries from fashion, to the grocery to handicraft. So, with it, you’ll find the style you need without an extra headache. The template also has a handy sidebar menu functionality, which proves to be a powerful UX-booster. Other features:

  • 10+ Unique Header Styles;
  • MegaMenu With Image;
  • Unlimited Color Options;
  • Newsletter (6 Unique Styles);
  • Disqus Comment;
  • Testimonial (7+ Styles), etc.

Dexitex – Convenient Grocery Shopify E-store

Dexitex Them | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Dexitex template, underpinned by leafy and juicy backgrounds and breathtaking Parallax, will make a WOW-effect on your online audience. To boost user experience while shopping, the theme embraces a prolific number of sorting options and search filters. Moreover, it’s packed with a number of pre-built extensions that both boost the simplicity of e-store customization and UX. Other features:

  • Multicurrency & multilanguage;
  • Ample social integration;
  • Ajax Cart;
  • Live search form;
  • Collections Catalog;
  • Add To Wishlist, etc.

Multifly – Best-selling Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Multifly Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Multifly is a flexible solution with lots of advantages for your conversion-rich Shopify store. This fully responsive theme boasts of a customizable footer, adjustable Homepage banner mosaic grid, breathtaking Sorting Options, etc. What’s more, you can command every pixel of your store’s Homepage thanks to 15 diverse Shopify homepage sections. Other features:

  • Brands list section;
  • Instagram Feed integration;
  • Universal Custom Content block;
  • YouTube video embedding;
  • MegaMenu panels;
  • Cross-browser compatibility, etc.

Swimwear Hut – Swimwear Store Shopify Template

Swimwear Hut Them | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Do you need an e-store template that breathes of summer and swimming fun? Swimwear Hut is a fully functional, optimized for conversion and social integration e-store template. The theme’s homepage features trendsetting asymmetric elements and mosaic grids for crafting an impressive UI. What’s more, the template comes with Shopify Visual Builder that allows you to build as many layouts as you wish. Other features:

  • Customizable homepage with ready sections;
  • Blog articles;
  • Banners, Collections;
  • Instagram Feed display;
  • Product Quick View;
  • Sorting options, etc.

Game Space – Magnificent Video Games Store Shopify Design

Game Space Them | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

If you’re a game development studio, you can’t live without a remarkable web presence, like the one that you can power with the Game Space theme. The design of this template is truly breathtaking and lets you craft a highly informative and usable game e-store. With the template, you get your hands on comprehensive sorting options and Add To Wishlist functionality. Other features:

  • Newsletter subscription;
  • MegaMenu;
  • Multicurrency;
  • Shopify Visual Builder;
  • Fully Responsive;
  • Theme Color Switcher, etc.

Careeto – Fancy Car Parts Online Store Shopify E-store

Careeto Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

This hard-wired car parts template has an active and contrasting color scheme, that makes use of red color known to boost sales. Browsing your website becomes addictive thanks to visual effects, such as Parallax. The template has a well-thought header that features an icon of Ajax product search and a handy customer menu. Other features:

  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Homepage Product Search Section;
  • Informative multi-column footer;
  • Shopify Visual Builder;
  • Ajax Cart;
  • 24/7 customer support, etc.

YourStylist – Hair/Beauty Salon Shopify E-shop

YourStylist Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

YourStylist is a harmonious hair e-shop theme that lets you create an ideal online beauty care store without lots of headaches. The theme brings you rich typography and color options thanks to Theme Color Switcher and Googl eFonts. What’s more, the YourStylist template employs Parallax effect and rich UI elements to bring you customers perfect shopping experience. Other features:

  • Social Options;
  • Multi-currency, multilingual;
  • Product Quick View;
  • Add To Wishlist Feature;
  • Product Carousel;
  • Shopify Visual Builder, etc.

Furnish – Minimal eCommerce Furniture Shopify Template

Furnish Theme | MageWorx Blog

Details Demo

Are you seeking after the most minimal and modern furniture e-store template? The Furnish template will present your products in best light thanks to unconventional Bootstrap 4 grids, Parallax effect, and other equally impressive features. What’s more, the Furnish template emphasizes high-quality user experience, with such functionality as MegaMenu, Cart Drop-down, Product Sorting Options and more. Other features:

  • Google Web Fonts & Material Icon Font;
  • Newsletter Subscription Form;
  • Quick View Product;
  • Theme Color Switcher;
  • Product Sharing Options, etc.

Deerus – Best Fashion Free Shopify Theme

Deerus Theme | MageWorx Blog

Details Demo

This clean and versatile fashion store template is available at no cost. To get it, you just have to log in and press the ‘Download’ button. Deerus comes with drag-n-drop Sections. It allows you to add, edit and delete sections on the Homepage easily by just dragging and dropping them. What’s more, the Deerus’ interface is sleek and fast-loading, ensuring the better customer experience and SEO performance.

  • 6+ Shopify Homepages;
  • SEO Optimization;
  • High Loading Speed;
  • Dynamic MegaMenu;
  • Unlimited Fashion Collections, etc.

Valu Shopify Theme

Valu Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

Valu Shopify Theme is a super flexible responsive Shopify template for selling footwear and accessories. It’s also suitable for selling kitchenware, décor items and furniture. This theme is designed and tested to be 100% responsive so it works and displays flawlessly on all types of devices. Other features:

  • Cross-browser compatible;
  • Megamenu;
  • Product Details;
  • Grid & List View;
  • Beautiful Image Slider, etc.

Teencode – Engaging Free Responsive Shopify Design

Teencode Theme | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Details Demo

TeenCode is a responsive Shopify template, suitable for powering an e-store selling apparel, electronics, sportswear, cosmetics, glasses, etc. The template’s design matches the mores and preferences of the modern audience with mosaic grids, engaging on-scroll animation and minimalist color scheme. Every content and layout element of the TeenCode template has been optimized to look great on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. Other features:

  • Product Hover & Quick View;
  • Grid View & List View;
  • Wish List;
  • Cross-browser compatible;
  • SEO Optimization, etc.

Bottom Line

You’ve reached the end of the top 25 Shopify themes review. Hopefully, you were able to locate the template that’s ideal for your website. You’ll never regret going for one of these top-rated, well-documented and high-quality Shopify themes. We wish you good luck in powering an e-store of your dreams!

If you have any questions or comments, drop a line here and we’ll be back with the answer.

Stay tuned!

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