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Ecommerce is an absolutely massive industry that is only expected to get bigger. Sales in the retail eCommerce market around the world are expected to nearly double within the next five years. And when you consider that sales are already at $3.5 trillion, the numbers are almost unbelievable. Many people shop online for everything from clothes, to electronics, to even groceries. You hardly even need to leave your house to shop anymore.

That is pretty impressive considering that eCommerce has only really been around for a couple of decades. In reality, it has only been existing in its modern form for a couple of years. Like any relatively new industry, there are always new trends coming and going that can influence what happens in a market. Being aware of these trends and how they can help achieve success is very important.

Without knowing the trends in a space that you operate, finding success against your competition can prove difficult. With that in mind, this article is going to look at some important eCommerce trends that are going to dominate and be incredibly important in 2020. Knowing these and harnessing them could be the difference between a successful 2020 or one that is deemed a failure.

More and More Automation

While automation isn’t a new technology or idea per se, it has been getting a lot of traction and we see this continuing. Automation can help your business in many different ways. It can reduce your costs, save you time and allow employees to not have to worry about focusing on mundane and repetitive tasks. It can optimize your business in a number of different ways, make things much more simple, and we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

There are literally hundreds of different uses of automation, with more to come in the future. For example, you can even automatically transcribe receipts and invoices into your systems in seconds. (learn more about that here: TAGGUN – Real-time Receipt OCR API for developers) Simply put, nearly everything at your company can likely benefit from automation in some way, so be sure to take advantage of it.

And while you may think automating processes can be time-consuming and very expensive, that isn’t the case. There are many tools and solutions that can make automation easy and cost-effective. Do a bit of research on the type of kind of automation you need, and you are sure to find something that works for you.

Optimizing Voice Search

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While many people still type into Google when they want to search for things, many more people than ever are using their voice. With millions of Google Homes and Amazon Echos around the world, tons of people are speaking phrases instead of typing words. It is often easier, quicker, and you don’t need to be physically interacting with a device to make a search anymore.

This, as you could imagine, opens up the opportunity to optimize voice searches. This includes focusing on longer keywords and phrases that people will say, instead of what they commonly type. Voice search is more conversational, and the copy on your site should match up with that. While text search isn’t going anywhere, 2020 is the year we could see voice search take a giant leap forward.

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Increased Personalization

Personalization isn’t new in eCommerce, but many customers are still unhappy with how impersonal many companies treat them in the eCommerce space. Many companies treat customers like just another number, and that doesn’t sit well with most. Customers appreciate feeling valued and important and offering them a personalized or customized experience can do just that.

This could be offering them dynamic content on the page, customizable one-of-a-kind products, and even personalized pricing in some situations. The opportunities are endless, and with better personalization often leading to a higher ROI, companies should be racking their brains for good ideas when it comes to personalization. Making a connection with customers and potential customers has never been more important than it is today.

Renewed Importance of Packaging

When designing for eCommerce, many companies focus almost solely on the design and look of the website. While certainly important, the packaging that your products are delivered in also deserves some consideration. Unfortunately, many companies have focused so much on the online experience that they have let the real-life experience take a hit. Many packages come in completely plain boxes will have little thought put into how they look, open, or feel.

However, expect this to change in 2020. We will see many companies and brands put more time into their packaging and how their products will appear in real life. The original unboxing of an item is a time of joy and excitement for consumers, and a well-designed package is only going to make the product that more memorable.

Shopping Within Social Media

In the past, if you wanted to shop online, you had to directly go to the company website or eCommerce shop. While this only took a few more clicks and a few minutes at most, we live in an on-demand world and everyone wants things right now, as quickly as possible. Well, they’re getting their wish in 2020 and beyond.

It is now possible to shop right inside of many social media apps. There are shoppable posts on Instagram, and many businesses sell directly on Facebook. While not every social media platform allows for in-app direct shopping, we can bet that will soon change. Eventually, no matter what platform you are on, you will likely be able to purchase from your favorite companies right then and there, without having to waste any time venturing to a new window or site.

In conclusion, these are 5 eCommerce trends that are sure to dominate the market over the next year. If your company can utilize and get on board with these trends, there is a good chance you could find some success.

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