This is a guest post by PJ Taei from Uscreen.

If you’re looking for an effective way to not only raise awareness for your Shopify store but also boost sales in an appreciable way, look no farther than video content.

In the world of eCommerce, video content creation is critical for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s a great way to help increase your store’s SEO – thus making sure you always rank as highly as possible in the results for even the most competitive keywords. Likewise, video is far more shareable and clickable than other types of content โ€• meaning that at a certain point, a lot of your existing satisfied customers are going to start doing some of that marketing hard work for you.

But more than anything, video captivates โ€• and when you want to get someone to the point where they’re willing to part with some of their hard-earned money, you need to do exactly that as often as possible. Video allows you to engage with your Shopify audience in a way that other types of content doesn’t, and that alone will likely generate the increased sales you’re after.

However, there’s no one right type of video content that is going to meet your needs. In fact, there are six key types of video in particular that you should experiment with as much as possible.

Customer Video Testimonials

On Shopify, one of the major elements of your competitive advantage comes by way of the EXPERIENCE that you’re offering to your customers. There may be other people who have products like yours, but that high quality experience โ€• from the ease of making a purchase to customer service and everything in between โ€• is ultimately what will convince someone to buy from YOU instead of somebody else.

By far, video testimonials are a great way to show off exactly what that customer experience entails. Let your existing, satisfied customers talk about how your product changed their lives, or how you went above and beyond to answer a question or address a concern. These don’t have to be long โ€• just a minute or so will work wonders. Use them on your main page and be sure to include product-specific testimonials on your product pages, too. Be sure to create as many of these as possible, so people don’t get the impression that you’re filming the same small handful of customers over and over again.

Source: Orabrush

Product Tours Videos

Another great type of video content that you can use to boost your Shopify store’s sales is the product tour โ€• a format that doesn’t get nearly as much use as it should.

On the one hand, yes, a product tour is essentially a commercial for a particular item. But under the surface, it’s so much more. It’s a way for you to SHOW, not TELL, someone what your product does and why it matters. It’s a way for you to illustrate how your product can make someone’s life better. It’s a great way to create an emotional onboarding experience for your product, getting someone excited before they make that purchase.

You should create a unique product tour for as many of your products as you can and generally speaking, don’t let them be too long. Videos under two minutes tend to get the highest response, so get in and get out is a rule that very much applies. You could create a product tour for individual lines of related products that you offer, for example.ย 

Hereโ€™s an entertaining example of a great product video from Man Crates:

This video captures both the brandโ€™s identity, as well as the product itself. And it achieves that, all in under 30 seconds.

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are another invaluable asset for your Shopify store because it’s a type of content that people actually want to see more of. According to one recent study, 39% of people say they want to see more explainer videos from brands – beating out product demos, video blogs and even interactive videos.

An explainer video is usually a short (think: a minute or so) video that focuses on explaining an idea associated with your business in a very simple, easy-to-understand and compelling way. You might devote an explainer video to addressing what types of products you sell, discuss your mission, or what made you want to open up a Shopify store in the first place. You could talk about the problem you were having in your own life that you set out to solve by way of the products that you’re now selling on Shopify. Check out a great example of this type of video content from DODOcase:

Explainer videos will make a great addition to your main pages, as it will get your potential customers in the right mood right away.

Q&A Videos

If you really want to make a good video for your Shopify store, you need to make it as engaging as possible. You don’t want people to passively view your content – you want them to interact with it. When they interact with your videos, they’re more likely to further interact with your brand. In this case, that means making a purchase.

That’s where Q&A videos will absolutely come in handy. By answering the important questions that your customers already have, you’re doing more than just creating content – you’re having a conversation in real-time. You’re also establishing yourself as an authority and as a brand to be trusted. Q&A videos are great for your store’s social media profiles, as when they get shared they can help amplify your Shopify brand’s reach even further.

‘About Us’ Videos

Absolutely anything that you can do to show off the unique nature of your Shopify store is a step worth taking. That, in a nutshell, is why ‘About Us’ videos are so critical.

Don’t just devote all of your time to showing off your product inventory – shine a light on the people BEHIND that inventory, too. You could shoot a brief, one minute video devoted to each of your employees (if you have them), for example. Let them introduce themselves in their own words and let people see the excitement on their faces. Or, you could do a slightly longer (two or three minute) video introducing the entire team together.

These videos will give customers a chance to not only meet the people behind your brand, but to also get a sense of your values and see how yours align with theirs. This both builds brand loyalty and is a great way to make an immediate, intimate connection.

The important thing is that people will see the hard work and dedication that goes into a Shopify store – something that is far too easy to ignore in the fast-paced digital world we’re now living in. As the name suggests, these would be a perfect addition to your existing ‘About Us’ page on your storefront.

Hereโ€™s a great example of this type of video content from BeardBrand, a Shopify store with a mission to provide a wide variety of tools that men need to invest in themselves:

Weekly Round-Up Videos

Finally, if yours is the type of Shopify storefront that adds a regular array of new products all the time, consider shooting weekly ’round-up’ videos to show off your new additions as they happen.

This can be a great way to not only once again create a steady stream of high quality content (which will help your store’s SEO, among other things), but it’s a perfect chance to highlight new products that people may have otherwise missed.

These weekly round-up videos can be five or so minutes in length – however long you need to show off new and exciting additions to your inventory is perfectly fine. You could include them on your store’s main page to capture people’s attention right away.

Bottom Line

Again, the most important thing to understand about all of this is that you shouldn’t just pick one of these formats and put all of your eggs in one basket. When it comes to boosting your Shopify store’s sales, you’re going to need as much high quality, relevant and VARIED content as you can get.

Therefore, you should be putting ALL of these video content types to good use to create that boost in sales and new revenue that you’re after before you know it.

About the author:

PJ is the founder and president of Uscreen, a video monetization platform that empowers video creators and businesses to distribute and monetize their video content online.

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