Prosperity and development of any online store depend on customers’ positive experience from shopping. 50% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t anticipate their needs (Salesforce, 2017).

To satisfy your buyers, you as a merchant have to give them what they want and expect. You can do it by allowing your customers to choose. It can become a significant competitive advantage if your brand provides shoppers with a wide range of product options so that they can get a customizable item. And thus, as a pleasant bonus, you will achieve revenue growth.

Go on reading and you’ll know how to stimulate product sales in your Shopify store applying conditional logic with the help of the Shopify Advanced Product Options app.

What is Conditional Logic?

How to Upgrade Your Business with Conditional Logic on Shopify?  | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Conditional logic, or as it is sometimes referred to as dependencies, are thousands of decisions based on various information and conditions. It’s a kind of structure like ‘If This, Then That’. It means that if customers fulfill a condition or make a certain choice, they will have an opportunity to select from some other options or get some pleasant benefits.

For example, if your customer buys a red cell-phone with 256 GB storage, they can get a gift. Or, if you are selling items with unpopular product options, you get to incentivize their purchases by adding freebies when selecting that specific option. It can be a blue T-Shirt, which can trigger free shipping of gift wrap, for instance.

Talking about goods in your Shopify store, with the help of conditional logic, you can create a product with a range of options and display them depending on customers’ initial choice. 

For example, you’re selling laptops that go in 3 different colors, 3 variants of diagonal and internal memory, and a free engraving as a gift depending on the choice.

Advanced Product Options App
Advanced Product Options App
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Shopify Product Options

Speaking about conditional logic, we can’t help mentioning a product option that is used for items that come in different variations, like color, size or season.  

Product options play a significant role. They should be well-organized and allow customers to choose without efforts. Browsing several Shopify stores’ web pages, I have found out one common peculiarity. It’s rather difficult and time-wasting to make a choice in stores, which are not using conditional logic.

How to Upgrade Your Business with Conditional Logic on Shopify?  | MageWorx Shopify Blog

For example, at Marc Wenn store we can see that product options are not gathered at one page. The retailer has tried to avoid the Shopify variant limit and split one product up into several separate items. A customer has to browse several pages with different variants of one product to make a decision. Taking how demanding and easily distracted today shoppers are, the absence of all-in-one-place options will lead to site abandonment. Sadly. But if it had been made with the Advanced Product Options app by MageWorx, all product options would be on the same page, and the buyer could easily make a choice.

Child/Parent Options

I think that there shouldn’t be any problems in understanding these terms. The main product variant is parent option and dependant variants are child options. So, when a customer selects a parent option, the child ones become available. Before this action, child options can be even hidden.

For example, when you sell phone cases, the parent option can be material ― genuine leather or PU,― and the child options, which become available in case the customer has selected the material, can be color.

Benefits You Get Applying Conditional Logic

Taking into consideration all the previous information, it should be said that conditional logic can help merchants achieve multiple sales goals:

  • To sell old stocks with the help of or/and dependencies,
  • Upselling and cross-selling the specific items,
  • To attract more customers and build and support long-lasting relations with old ones,
  • To increase average order value, etc.

How to Use Conditional Logic in Advanced Product Options App?

Thanks to the Advanced Product Options App you can configure an unlimited number of dependencies to as many custom options as needed, and set them of various kinds in bulk. 

  1. After you install (or request free installation with our support team) and set up the app, go to Product options, click the Add New option button, 
  2. Choose the Input Type, which is the essence of the Shopify custom product option, as it provides the possibility to select the desired type of the option to fit the client’s business demand, once the Input Type is selected, the custom options value grid will be shown,
  3. Then, on the child (dependable) option value click the +add parent link. It is possible to add several parent custom options. You can also select a particular custom option value or any value of some option. Any parent option values might be selected to display the current option value.

So, that’s it!

Examples of Successful Use

Quite a lot of Shopify stores have already been using Advanced Product Options App. Let’s see what they have been able to achieve since then.


How to Upgrade Your Business with Conditional Logic on Shopify?  | MageWorx Shopify Blog

The achievement of this brand is closely connected with the Advanced Product Options App for Shopify, which helps them in managing the company.

As the co-founder of Thesis Alice Liu says, their store sells customizable bicycles. So, the shoppers can have the bike of their dreams just making several customization choices. That wouldn’t be possible without the Advanced Product Options App. 

Possibility to use conditional logic is the main thing the retailer likes in the app, where certain options can become visible once a specific option is selected. Avice Liu notices that the store provides customers with more than 20 decisions that can be made on the bicycle, but most of them are hidden unless the buyer makes a certain choice.


How to Upgrade Your Business with Conditional Logic on Shopify?  | MageWorx Shopify Blog

This popular US-based Shopify store also uses Advanced Product options App by MageWorx. It has allowed them to offer their customers a breathtaking variety of options on concealed carry gun belts and other related leather products.

As David Giles, the owner of the Beltman, admits the app easily and seamlessly integrated with their Shopify theme, producing beautiful results and intuitive functionality on the front end, which helps boost conversions. And with its simple template structure, and the ability to duplicate and modify templates, it’s quick to set up and easy to manage on the backend.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, if you want to lead your online business to a new level, fast-track your revenue and growth with customizable unlimited product options in unlimited сombinations, all you need is just to get Shopify Advanced Product Options app by MageWorx!

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