Do you know that Valentineā€™s Day is the second biggest commercial day in terms of buying trends after Black Friday? According to the National Retail Federation, in 2019, customers spent a record-breaking $20.7 billion on Valentineā€™s gifts. This sounds extremely attractive to any merchant. Moreover, quite often many customers have no idea what to buy as gifts on Valentineā€™s Day. So, as a vendor, you have a great opportunity to help them cope with this problem thanks to product recommendations and be one of that 54% of retailers for whom this strategy has become the key driver of the AOV in the customersā€™ purchases.

Relevant recommendations encourage your buyers 4.5x more likely to add products to cart and complete purchases. Read on to know how to make suggestions in your online store with the ultimate guide on Valentineā€™s Day product recommendations.Ā 

Winning Tactics for Valentineā€™s Day Suggestions


Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Valentineā€™s Day is all about searching for the best gifts for the beloved ones. Itā€™s considered that gifts can show them love and care of gift-givers. The best way to add confidence to your buyersā€™ purchasing decisions and to convert first-time visitors into buyers is to recommend them best-sellers. Displaying such Valentineā€™s Day best-selling suggestions on the homepage is effective in hooking your customersā€™ attention as soon as they enter your online store.

Thus, Amazon, where 35% of the revenue is due to recommendations, offers a whole section called ā€˜Best Sellers on Valentine’s Dayā€™. In this category, shoppers can find all kinds of gifts that are the most appropriate for the holiday.

Trending Products

Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Fashion and styles are always changing. Something that was a good idea for a present last year can be absolutely obsolete this year. Thatā€™s why one more possible gift recommendation for Valentineā€™s Day is fun and trending products. In this category, you can offer up-to-date and in style products that can become a good surprise for Valentineā€™s Day gift-receivers.

On its site, Swarovski provides buyers with ā€˜Valentineā€™s Day in Styleā€™ category, where stylish novelties can be found. There, any gift-giver has an opportunity to choose a perfect present for a soulmate.

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Gift Guides

Valentineā€™s Day is no longer a holiday just for couples. According to Statista, there is an increase in spending on family members and buyers themselves as 50% of them are single. Thus, it makes sense to offer non-romantic gifts on Valentineā€™s Day as well. Itā€™s all can be better implemented with gift guides. You can provide your buyers with separate categories to all tastes and statuses with relevant suggestions for Valentineā€™s Day gift ideas.

Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Nordstrom is a good example of offering its customers Valentineā€™s Day gift guide, which includes categories Gifts for Him/Her/Kids and Gifts Under $25/$50/$100. Thus, it will be easier and quicker for shoppers not only to find a perfect gift for a certain person but in accordance with their budget.

Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog
Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Walmart has created a wonderful gift guide for Valentineā€™s Day gift seekers. The merchant knows exactly how to attract consumers with eye-catching imagery and appealing categories, such as ā€˜Valentineā€™s Day picks for allā€™ and ā€˜Gifts from the Heartā€™.

Interest-Based Recommendations

Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog

75% of customers do their purchases based on personalized recommendations. Itā€™s a good chance for you to offer your subscribers personalized Valentineā€™s day recommendations according to their interests and browsing history. You can make these recommendations more personal by adding the buyerā€™s name to ā€˜Related to items youā€™ve viewedā€™ or ā€˜You May Also Likeā€™. Such Valentineā€™s Day suggestions will allow customers to find products they havenā€™t even thought about.Ā Ā 

It makes sense to show these recommendations on the shopping cart page where you can entice buyers to add some relevant gifts to their purchase. Otherwise, you may integrate Valentineā€™s Day product recommendations into an email marketing strategy based on the content of the shopping cart or last seen items.

Thus, displaying suggestions on the product page, Claireā€™s doesnā€™t only give personalized product recommendations according to customersā€™ interests but also adds Valentineā€™s Day flair to them with the word ā€˜loveā€™.

Frequently Bought Together

Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog
Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog

If you have a strong desire to increase the AOV on Valentineā€™s Day, ā€˜Frequently Bought Togetherā€™ recommendation is what you need. Itā€™s a successful form of cross-selling which saves customers time and reminds them that they need to add some items to the main purchase.

The use of social proof in such phrases as ā€˜Customers who viewed this item also viewedā€™ can have a great impact on customersā€™ behavior. To make these Valentineā€™s Day offers even more compelling, you should present other usersā€™ reviews.

Macyā€™s offers such a kind of product recommendations for this Valentineā€™s Day. The vendor suggests adding some related products to the main purchase from ā€˜Customers also lovedā€™ and ā€˜Customers also shoppedā€™ categories and provides shoppers with reviews of recent buyers.

New Arrivals

Ultimate Guide on Valentine's Day Product Recommendations | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Just look at the way Carterā€™s provides customers with Valentineā€™s Day suggestions from new arrivals. A grabbing attention pink phrase ā€˜Lots to Loveā€™ with hearts instead of ā€˜oā€™ letters will attract those who are in search of the best Valentineā€™s Day gift for kids undoubtedly.

Recommending products in the ā€˜New Arrivalsā€™ category is a good way to stimulate first-time visitors to buy Valentineā€™s gifts from your store and improve the holiday shopping experience of loyal ones. 

Make Valentineā€™s Day Suggestions at the Right Place

  • Homepage. 25% of first-time customers enter some online stores just to take a look at the product offerings. Their desire to buy from your store and purchasing decision can depend on the way you make recommendations. Placing Valentineā€™s Day gift guides, as well as best-sellers on your homepage can help you attract and retain visitors.Ā 
  • Product Pages are the best place for interest-based, and ā€˜customers also shoppedā€™ recommendations because shoppers visiting product pages are still in search. Thus, itā€™s a chance for you to make relevant suggestions for Valentineā€™s Day gifts.
  • Shopping Cart Page. If you want to make cross-sell or up-sell recommendations, the right moment to do it is when buyers are at their shopping cart pages.Ā 
  • Emails are the surest way to provide your buyers with Valentineā€™s Day gift guides and make other holiday recommendations in accordance with their searching history, interest, and items that are lastly added to the shopping cart.

Wrap Up

Product recommendations are a perfect tool to boost your sales and increase revenues on Valentineā€™s Day by giving your consumers what they want or even more. Providing them with personalized suggestions, you improve their holiday shopping experience and loyalty to the brand.Ā Ā 

How do you recommend products for Valentineā€™s Day in your store?

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