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Display standalone products as a group to incentivize purchasing additional items!

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App Features

Grouped Products Creation

Product kits, furniture, sets of clothing, pieces of equipment… There’s a great deal of business-specific variants of grouped products. They’ve been proved to create extra value and help keep the inventory of standalone items under check.

The app does the whole job for you. It helps generating grouped products in split seconds and in the most familiar for you way!

Grouped Products Creation

Adding products in a couple of mouse clicks

The app provides a seamless user experience. You’ll see your product list with the images, short descriptions, the inventory data displayed. All you need to do is check off the boxes with the necessary products.

Additionally, the Advanced Grouped Products app allows specifying the minimum and maximum quantity available for selection within the created grouped product. This can be especially handy in case of flash sale promotions, or wholesale offerings, for instance.

Adding products in a couple of mouse clicks

Advanced Design & Customization Options

The Advanced Grouped Products App enables you to easily configure the way such products are shown. You can choose to:

  • display/hide the grouped product subtotal (which changes together with the items quantity modification);
  • redirect the customers to cart right after they click the 'Add to cart' button;
  • display/hide the grouped product price, or show 'starting at' before the price label;
  • add custom CSS styles;
  • customize column names, error messages, the names of the labels and other titles.
Advanced Design & Customization Options

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