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App Features

Unique Functionality

Display a customizable pop-up with cross-sell and upsell product recommendations to create additional value for your shoppers! The Related Products Manager App lets you create pop-ups that appear upon specific customer actions — clicking either the 'Add to cart' or 'Checkout' button. Make expedient and relevant product recommendations to increase customer satisfaction and push up each order value:

  • creating conditions for products to be displayed - based on product ID, title, price, vendor, weight, and more,
  • selecting specific items manually.
Unique Functionality

Customizable Popup with Product Suggestions

The Shopify Related Products Manager app enables you to adjust the pop-up in the full compliance with your business needs. All done in a couple of mouse clicks:

  • pop-up title,
  • description,
  • determine the number of products shown in each row/slide,
  • set the maximum number of products shown in the offer,
  • set the colors for: header/content/footer backgrounds, popup font and borders (as well as the ability to apply custom CSS styles when required),
  • text of the buttons & other labels within the pop-up, and more.
Customizable Popup with Product Suggestions

Tightly Targeted Product Recommendations

Upsell and cross-sell your offerings in the right place at the right time. With the app’s package of functionality, you’ll be able to:

  • create country-specific product suggestions,
  • display recommendations within a certain period of time,
  • offer items based on the total amount in the shopper’s cart,
  • show offerings solely on specific devices.

Additionally, the app enables you to automatically hide out-of-stock items from the recommendations, as well as limit the available for selection quantity of the suggested items

Tightly Targeted Product Recommendations

Effectively upsell products and services!

Enhance customer shopping experience with better-performing and more relevant offerings that meet their needs to the full.

Effectively upsell products and services

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