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Custom Announcement Bar

Shopify Custom Announcement Bar App



This app comes with FREE installation by the MageWorx Shopify professionals. All you need to do to get the app on your store is to submit a request by hitting the button below. Please, bear in mind that usually, we install the app within 24 hours (on business days). Alternatively, you can install the extension on your own, following the instructions in this user guide.

Free installation request

Add Snippet File

In your theme, open the Snippets folder, and add a new snippet named mw_CMB_objects. Fill it in with the code from below and save.

  window.mwMotivatorObjects = {
    product: {{ product | json }},
    cart: {{ cart | json }},
    template_name: {{ | json }},
    shop: {
      domain: {{ shop.permanent_domain | json }},
      money_format : {{ shop.money_format  | json }},
      money_with_currency_format : {{ shop.money_with_currency_format  | json }}

When done, click Save.

Edit Layout/theme.liquid

At the next step, jump to Layout/theme.liquid file and search the code. Before the line:



{% include 'mw_CMB_objects' %}

Integrating the Custom Announcement Bar app into the theme

To hide the gift product form customers on the frontend, implement the actions described below.


We would be happy to install and configure the app for you — FREE of charge. Just drop us a line. If you would like to install it yourself, below you will find some instructions to help you get started.

In the Shopify admin panel, navigate to Online Store → Themes.

Here, choose the Edit code option from the Actions dropdown of the theme.

Open the template named Templates/product.liquid or Sections/product-template.liquid.

Locate the piece of code responsible for displaying the product. In the default theme, the code will look like

<div class="product-template__container page-width" id="ProductSection-{{ }}" data-section-id="{{ }}" data-section-type="product" data-enable-history-state="true">

Right after this line, enter:

{% if product.type == 'mw_motivator_product' %}
  <p>This product is not available.</p>
  {% continue %}
{% endif %}

Open the template named Templates/cart.liquid or Sections/cart-template.liquid.

Locate the piece of code responsible for displaying products in cart. In the default theme, the code will look like:

{% for item in cart.items %}
{% endfor %}

After the line

{% for item in cart.items %}


{% if item.product.type == 'mw_motivator_product' %}{% continue %}{% endif %}

Locate the subtotal cart block:

<span class="cart__subtotal-title">{{ 'cart.general.subtotal' | t }}</span>

Replace it with:

<span class="mw-motivator"></span>
<span class="cart__subtotal-title">{{ 'cart.general.subtotal' | t }}</span>

Configuring the app

The app provides the possibility to show the customer a motivation bar for to make them complete a purchase. Currently, the app entices shoppers with free shipping and gift opportunities.

To configure the app, please go to Apps and select the Custom Announcement Bar.

Customer Motivator App

The app's configuration consists of 5 sections.


Goal Section

The app provides the possibility to select either the Free Shipping or Gift option. If the Free Shipping is selected, a link to the Setup Instructions for it will be displayed below. By clicking on it, you’ll get to the simple tutorial that tells how to configure free shipping in Shopify.

Bar Style

Bar Style Section

The Position of the bar sets the position where it will be initially shown.

If Relative option is selected, it will be placed simply at the top of the page and disappear if the customer scrolls the page down. The Fixed Top and Fixed Bottom bar attach the bar to the top or to the bottom of the page.

The bar style sample is shown at the top and demonstrates the design changes in real time. The merchant can edit:

  • Background color (supports the standard pallet with the possibility to set the exact shade via HEX or RGBA code);
  • The paddings set the paddings above and below the text;
  • Z-index property specifies the stack order of an element. An element with greater stack order is always in front of an element with a lower stack order. If you do not see the bar, try to increase this number;
  • Borders. These borders are shown for the bar and can be Solid, Dashed or Dotted. The border width and color can be selected here;
  • Shadow. The bar can be shown with shadow along the borders. The merchant can specify the position of the shadow, add blur and spread, select the desired color.

Bar Message Setup

Bar Message Setup Section

This settings allow the store owner to specify the desired text that is shown to the first-time visitors (The Initial Message field), the text with the ability to select the goal amount (the value will be changed automatically, when the customer adds the product to cart, the store owner just needs to specify the initial goal).

The Congratulations Message will be shown to the customer if the goal is achieved.

The initial and congratulations messages support the {{country}} and {{product}} variables. The merchant can set the size, style (italic), weight (bold) and color.

Display Rules

Display Rules Section

These are the most important settings of the app that let you set the motivation bar display according to various marketing scenarios.

The store owner can limit the appearance of the bar to some customers.

The Visitor’s location setting shows the bar to the users from the selected countries.

The Date range, if selected, shows the calendar with the possibility to show the bar only on some particular days.

This can be restricted further by the Days of the week option.

The merchant can show the bar only on the home page, on product pages, on collection pages or on cart.

The appearance can be also restricted according to the client’s Device type: the bar can be shown for the users from Desktop or Mobile devices.

Advanced Options

Advanced Options Section

The merchant can Add the link to the bar with the possibility to open the link in the same (by default) or a new tab.

The Display Delay and Display timeout settings allow to configure the delay before the bar appears and the number of seconds before the bar disappears.

If the merchants need to add some Custom CSS styles, they can paste them in the corresponding field.