The holiday season is in high gear. You still have an opportunity to lead your e-store to the next level until the end of the year. According to the National Retail Federation, 40% of Christmas sales happen on December 15 through 24th. Just imagine how much additional revenue you can get from last-minute Christmas shoppers during this period. Satisfy their needs, give them what they want, and boost your sales with the following ten last-minute Christmas sales ideas.

Idea #1: Social Media Advertising and Promotions 

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Companies’ social media posts impact 78% of customers’ purchases. According to an ODM Group study, 74% of buyers rely on social networks in decision-making while shopping. Social media is the best way to connect with your potential buyers and loyal customers, promote your brand, advertise special Christmas offers, and hold holiday-themed contests. For last-minute Christmas shoppers, it’s a good chance to find gifts and all the necessary stuff for the holiday easily and quickly. Moreover, they can see a lot of feedback and reviews that can help them make a decision and save time during this Christmas race.

Idea #2: Emails for Customers

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

How to encourage last-minute Christmas shoppers to purchase from your Shopify store? Give them what they need the most―ideas on what to buy and the best offers. The surest way to inspire last-minute shoppers for purchases is to send them relevant and targeted emails that can generate 58% of all revenue. You can send your customers Christmas gift guides, discounts, or personalized offers enticing them to impulse purchases―anything that can be useful and make their shopping easier. They’ll appreciate your efforts and reward you with last-minute Christmas orders. It is rightly can become one of the best online sales ideas in your Shopify store.

Idea #3: Rush or Certain-Date Delivery

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

If you still think about how to increase sales on Shopify, provide your customers with an option of rush or certain-date delivery. 87% of online shoppers will buy from a store only if delivery time is stated (Dotcom Distribution, 2016). Guarantee delivery dates and assure your customers that they will get orders at the right moment without fail. It’s especially essential for last-minute buyers. If you win their confidence, you’ll undoubtedly boost your Christmas sales with last-minute purchases.

Idea #4: Gift Wrapping

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Time-strapped customers who are making purchases at the last minute before Christmas can be attracted by a gift-wrap option. It’s convenient and time-saving for buyers to have all the gifts bought and wrapped in one place. And for you, it’s a great opportunity to earn more, increase the AOV and Christmas sales. Thus, it’s a win-win deal. 

Idea #5: Free Shipping

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

If you need a last-minute idea to increase Christmas sales: provide your customers with free shipping service. 93% of consumers prefer to buy from a retailer if shipping is free. You can do it for orders made for a certain amount. Thus, you entice your shoppers to buy more if they want to get free shipping. 

Idea #6: Bundled Gifts

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Quite often, customers have a long list of gift receivers. For last-minute shoppers, it may become a real disaster. You can offer them the best decision―bundled gifts. It will give them an opportunity to save effort and time on gift searching. On the one hand, bundled gifts are more presentable as all the necessary items are in a kit and beautifully wrapped. On the other hand, buyers can split product bundles between several recipients. As quite often gift sets consist of products that complement each other.  Moreover, shoppers get to save money. That is a pleasant bonus for them during this money-wasting time. And for you, it’s a great chance to increase Christmas sales.

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Advanced Bundle Products
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Idea #7: Gift Cards

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

How to improve the shopping experience of last-minute shoppers? Save them the hassle, and enormous mouse clicks in search of ideal Christmas gifts for everyone from their list. Make their life easier by offering to buy the most popular Christmas gifts which any recipient will appreciate―e-gift cards. These are they that give gift card owners a chance to decide on what to purchase. And you are likely to get additional revenue as buyers have been proven to spend more than their gift cards are worth.

Idea #8: Christmas-Only Deals and Discounts

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

One more perfect decision for last-minute customers is Christmas deals and discounts. Buy-one-get-one-free offers are a real finding for shoppers who are simply trying to check off everyone on their lists. Various freebies undoubtedly stimulate customers for impulse purchases. You can offer your buyers to get exclusive Christmas discounts for subscription or provide them with redeemable codes like SANTAGIVEAWAY to add some joy and get a discount at the checkout. Last-minute shoppers may increase their order amount if they know that there is an opportunity to get a significant discount.

Idea #9: Gift Guides

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Creating Christmas gift guides you make customers’ shopping easier and more convenient. For consumers who buy gifts at the last moment, it’s a magic pill. As they don’t have to spend such priceless limited time on multiple searches and thinking about gift ideas. Christmas landing pages are the best way to display your holiday deals and entice customers for holiday expenses. You can improve their shopping experience by offering gifts by different categories: gifts for family/friends/co-workers, gifts for moms/dads, gifts for fun, gifts for unique interests, and so on. Gift guides are an integral part of last-minute Christmas sales that not only help increase profit but also satisfy the needs of last-minute shoppers.

Idea #10: Urgency

10 Last-Minute Christmas Sale Ideas | MageWorx Shopify Blog

What can stimulate customers to purchase more and immediately better than a sense of urgency? The answer is obvious. Time-limited offers, deals-of-the-day, countdown promotions are effective and fun. They attract holiday traffic and sales to your Shopify store. Moreover, creating a sense of urgency will remind customers that time is limited and that if they want to get Christmas gifts on time, or to get a special discount, or exclusive Christmas offer, they should act now.

Give them a FOMO sense on your website or via social media or emails. This great last-minute Christmas sale idea helps keep customers in the festive mood and entices to buy from your eCommerce store.

Final Note

If you know your buyers, their needs, and desires, it won’t be a problem for you to encourage shoppers for last-minute purchases on your website. As a result, your revenue will increase and sales will accelerate. By implementing suggested Christmas sale ideas in your store will help you do it in a proper way.

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