While Magento is perfect for tech savvies and medium/big players, Shopify is the right choice for ambitious startups.

Now, it’s interesting time if you’re a Shopify store owner (or plan to be).

According to Google Trends, this year, Shopify has become one of the most popular ecommerce platforms with the US and Canadian market.

For more than half a year MageWorx has been contributing to the development of the Shopify community. We’re actively exploring the platform’s potential to expand its functionality with our professional apps. Currently our product portfolio lists the apps trusted by 624 Shopify store owners worldwide.

With this new chapter in our company’s history, we aim to extended the ecommerce unlimited opportunities and provide new markets with our unique solutions.

“We’ve worked over 8 years to make Magento more powerful and drive our customers to success. Now it’s time to dream bigger and share all our vast experience with Shopify companies, customers and partners”, says Vitali, CEO of MageWorx.Com

“We’ve got huge plans on entering Shopify market. With 3 extremely useful solutions on board right now, our team is ready to extend the functionality of the platform and open Shopify users new ecommerce horizons,” sums up Vitali.

On our new Shopify website you can find the list of ready-to-use solutions.


On top of that, our team offers FREE lifetime support and updates on all our Shopify apps.

Stay tuned. More Shopify apps are coming.

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