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Sevier_Logo_410_pxl_for_parallax_410xUnlike any other skirt company, Sevier Skirts offers a personal, interactive custom fitting process that results in a level of satisfaction that must be experienced to be believed. From the convenience of their home, customers simply identify their body shape, choose a style, and from 20 size options and 4 lengths. For many of the store customers, it’s their very first experience with a truly fitted garment…and very likely won’t be their last. Because Sevier Skirts’ textured and embroidered fabrics are hand-selected from markets in Paris, New York, and LA, each Sevier Skirt is a one-of-a-kind custom fit, offering versatile, practical, and timeless wear.

In 2018, after 14 years of operation as a direct sales company, Sevier Skirts has pivoted to an eCommerce-based skirt company, bringing beautiful, custom skirts to all women online.

Sevier Skirts

I’ve talked with Suzanne Sevier Rowland, the owner of Sevier Skirts, and asked her to share some insights about running a successful Shopify business. Also, Suzanne told how our Advanced Product Options app helps her in creating custom product offerings.



Suzanne, please tell us about your experience in eCommerce. How did you get started with it?

I built my first eCommerce site on Shopify in 2015. However, it only catered to my existing clients and was used as a customer management system. It was never set up to encourage or drive new business.

In 2017, I began the process of shifting the company towards a fully eCommerce business and knew I needed to start from scratch. The new website is nearly complete, and our goal is to launch Facebook and Instagram campaigns in a few days.

Tell us the story of ’Sevier Skirts’. How did you decide on what to sell and why have you chosen this particular niche?

Skirts are versatile, fun, and feminine. In 2004, I was working in the garment district in New York City and had access to the most gorgeous textiles.

I started making skirts from textured and embroidered fabrics for my friends and family, and shortly came to understand that in order for a skirt to be most flattering, each one needed a tweak to the pattern. Word quickly spread about the ‘girl who made skirts to fit your shape and size’, and Sevier Skirts was born. I would say that designing and fitting custom skirts chose me instead of me choosing it…and I’m sure glad it did!

Who is your target customer?

My ideal customer is a professional woman from ages 38 to 60. Because Sevier Skirts are zippered and made from exquisite, woven fabrics, each one can be beautifully paired as an office separate.

Our unique fabrics are hand-picked from markets in Paris, New York, and LA, from the finest textile mills around the world. We handcraft each skirt to fit exact measurements, for a professional, polished and tailored look.

Suzanne, what makes your store special?

А truly fitted garment is hard to find. Getting one from the privacy and convenience of your own home is rare. After fourteen years of fitting women and over 50,000 custom skirts sold and sewn, Sevier Skirts has perfected the sizing algorithm by pinpointing the waist and hip measurements a skirt must have to be the very best fit. Sevier Skirts welcomes women of any shape and size to order a custom fit skirt with a guarantee that it will make her look the best.

Receive a custom fit in three simple steps. Start by choosing the body shape that best describes you, next select your size and length, then expect a brief call from a personal tailor to determine if additional customization is necessary. Custom. Made Simple.

When a woman wears a skirt that fits her shape, she will always look her thinnest, her sharpest, her best. If you think you’re hard to fit – think again.

In a Sevier Skirt, the days of tugging, twisting and riding up are over. No more pulling on your too-short skirt or hemming one that’s just too long. Our skirts provide the best fit with fabrics that will stop strangers to ask, “where did you get your skirt?” Striking, versatile, and timeless. Beautiful skirts that fit.

Could you tell us how our Advanced Product Options app helps you in optimizing the product variants and conditional logic in your Shopify store?

Before hiring a Storetasker developer to help me solve the 100 variant cap issue, I spent close to 20 hours downloading different Shopify product variants apps and researching ways to override the restrictions Shopify imposed.

None offered a solution that satisfied me.

Product Options for ShopifyCompetitors of Advanced Product Options did not have the type of radio buttons that I desired or the app’s developer couldn’t modify the buttons to function how I needed them to.

Since we offer our skirts in 2 styles, 3 shapes, 20 sizes, and 4 lengths, an uncomplicated shopping experience was so important to me. I knew I already had a different process for purchasing than most customers were accustomed to, so I felt the buying experience had to be a smooth, simple, and easy.

To have found APO has relieved so much of the stress I had with our product pages.






What is the feature or part of our product that you or your team use most frequently? Why?

I honestly didn’t realize that Mageworx had a suite of offerings.

Up to this point, we had only been enjoying the unlimited amount of variants and how esthetically pleasing they are both on the product pages and the printed sales order.

Have you worked with the MageWorx team? If yes, on a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate the company’s representatives on communication, reliability, and expertise?

Yes! 10’s across the board.

We have reached out on multiple occasions to modify certain things and the MageWorx team has quickly made all the changes we asked for. This could not be said for the other two other companies I tried to work with.

I felt MageWorx could have requested a charge for the time their developers worked to tweak things like so many other apps and themes developers, but instead they surprised me with, “It’s done, check it out!”.

What a wonderful experience!  Thank you MageWorx!  

We thank Suzanne for this interview and wish her good luck with her business!

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